From The President

August 2019

The Club Board met after our regular Board of Directors/membership meeting in June to discuss Board positions for next year. Several of us have decided to set down from our current positions at the end of our terms in office, which will mean it is time for members of the club to step up. Most of us have been serving the club Board for the past ten years or more in some capacity or another. Both Debbie Wisdom and I will be leaving as Vice-President and President. J R Mills will be stepping down as Tour Director and Ann Steinmeier will be leaving as Arrangement Chair.

These will be a lot of holes to fill on the Board, but change is good. It will bring new ideas and energy to the Board in particular and to the Club as a whole. Boards that are successful have planned turnover. We are trying to give club members time to decide if they would like to take on a new challenge in the coming year.

According to our by-laws, Section 8 covers election of officers,

“Only paid members in good standing shall be eligible for election or appointment as an officer or a member of the Board of Directors of the Arkansas Miata Club. Inc.

Any member in good standing may nominate any other member in good standing for any office. Any member may nominate his or her self for any office.  Any member so nominated may accept or decline any nomination.  The opening of nomination shall be announced no later than October 30th of each year.  Nominations will close at the end of two (2) weeks. Nominations shall be directed to the President of the Arkansas Miata Club, Inc.

Voting in election will be held at the Annual Meeting in December and the New Officers will take effect January 1st of the following year”.

The following positions are elected by the membership: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

All committees  are appointed positions by the new President with approval by at least a 3/5 vote of the Board in January of next year.