SATURDAY , JUNE 18, 2022




Our June event is a TSD Rallye, beginning Saturday morning, June 18th, at the Maumelle Park located off of Pinnacle Valley Road in West Little Rock. The park is located on the Arkansas River, adjacent to the Little Rock Yacht Club, at 9009 Pinnacle Valley Road.

A TSD Rallye is very different from our usual concept of motor sports. Each competing team, consisting of a driver and a navigator, is given a set of written instructions which are used to follow a predetermined course. Each team drives the course independently, usually at one minute intervals, following the written instructions, or route instructions, exactly. as well as maintain a given average speed, which will always be legal. You will earn a score based on how close you come to arriving perfectly “on 0time”.

The Rallye should last between 2 and 2.5 hours. Bring a pencil and paper and see the note below ….

There are two apps at the Google Playstore, although teams may want to use other apps. The application for calculating TSD is SPEED, DISTANCE, TIME CALCULATOR by Danny Connell which will keep you on time when combined with TIMER PLUS FREE with STOPWATCH by Digitalchemy LLC.